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Alternative psychology is a new science that studies metamorphosis signs in living organisms and creates an informational base for an assessment of the physical and psychological potential of man. In the process of research it makes use of the holographic image, the bioenergetic matrix and the phase portrait. The methodology of alternative psychology provides us with new information which allows a more thorough investigation into the metamorphoses of living systems, of their interdependence and interrelation with the Universe.
            The scientific novelty is represented by the algorithm of reading the phase portraits and in the technique of harmonization of the phase state of biological systems, which made it possible for the first time to obtain the phase portraits of man and to disclose his mission in life. The new science has revealed the dependence of the state of the biological object upon the general properties of space and time, and has for the first time devised the technique of harmonization of the functional state of the bio-psycho-social object by means of work on the informational constituent of phases.
The method of work in the cause of metamorphoses, subsequently the method of psychography, consists in studying the boundaries of the phase states of the living organized systems, in detecting negative informational blocks that disrupt the vital activity of the organism, in finding techniques of their discharging, as well as in contributing to the spiritual and moral formation of man.
           Psychography is the psychological method of research into the activity of the human psyche and nervous system by registering one’s psychic energy. It is a new method of studying the personality at the energy-informational level with the aid of psychograms and phase portraits. The drawing obtained in the process of psychography is called the psychogram. It transfers and deciphers the information of psychic processes, inexpressible in words, shows the reasons of diseases and problems, characterizes the patient from the energy-informational point of view, and determines the source and the level of the negative energies contained in his organism.
            Alternative psychology, in the first place, studies the psyche,  although not in the traditional understanding of this term, but on a wider scale. "The psyche is not at all the product of the brain, as many scientists assert. The psyche is an informational system, with the brain being one of its carriers. This informational system is located in the informational field of man" (Tonenkova M. Hear my call. – Nizhni Novgorod: "Nizhpoligraf", 1996, pp. 69-71).
            The psyche in the informational field of man is created by means of the psychic energy. Therefore, the psychic energy is the main research subject of the new scientific branch. In alternative psychology, the psychic energy, including the energy of the cause of metamorphosis, is considered to be the basic source, the driving force, the beginning of all the changes taking place in the living and inanimate systems.
            The methods of alternative psychology use the information about the phase states, the boundaries of the situation, and the information of blocking situations which manifests itself in distorted graphics of lines and in negative signs and symbols appearing in the plane of the phase portrait. Alternative psychology, recognizing all the methods of general psychology, proposes those of its own:
- medico-pedagogical-psychological tests;
- psychography;
- cleansing sessions;
- psychocorrection;
- psychosurgery;  
- phase portrait.
            In 1999, for the first time in the world, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, "Medico-Pedagogical-Psychological Tests" created on the basis of psychography were introduced into work with the students of general education schools. The main task of these tests is to reveal and develop the creative abilities of children and adolescents. The testing showed the artistic and literary abilities of the examined, and the priority of moral values.
            The psychogram is the recording of the psychic energy of the object under study carried out during a certain period of time by means of a special ability of the professional psychographer. It represents the results of the object’s energy-informational interactions reflected by the hand of the specialist on a sheet of paper.
            The psychographer obtains the bioenergetic information about the state of the patient through the interaction of the bioreceptors of his and the patient’s opened palms. The information about the object is depicted in the received psychogram in the form of an encoded drawing. Due to the systemic thinking, ideational work and creative energy of the specialist this psychogram is deciphered on the basis of the language of the psychogram.
            Additional psychograms are made in order to define more accurately the metamorphoses of phase situations, to follow the changes in the state of the patient, to determine the stage of recovery, to give beforehand information about further necessary therapeutic treatment. By comparing a previous psychogram to a following one, the specialist can observe the dynamics of changes in the state of the patient and control the course of treatment.
            Cleansing sessions are held in a certain order, their basic purpose being to free the patient’s organism from negative energy and information, and to ensure its energy balance.
            Psychocorrection extracts negative information from the blocks of negative energy deposited in the hand of the patient. The process of psychocorrection is carried out with the help of the psychographer’s energy passing through his fingertips and the pen. The same energy penetrates through the psychogram of the patient and influences the elements connected with his problems. Psychocorrection also contributes to the disclosure and purification of the corresponding energy channels. In certain cases the work in the cause of metamorphoses requires using the method of psychosurgery, with which the specialist removes various negative elements contained in the psychogram.
            The final stage of work according to the method of psychography is the creation of the psychogram in the form of the phase portrait, which allows to localize the problem zones in the psychogram and to intensify the obtained result of work with the given object. The moment of drawing the phase portrait of a person is considered to be the beginning of a new stage in his or her life, since the phase portrait is the perfect means to realize one’s life’s way, to develop and rearrange one’s life.
            Let us highlight some important aspects of the methods of alternative psychology.
            Psychography is a study of energy-informational messages referring to man, to the living and inanimate world, based on the images of the written language of the psychic energy, that is, the psychograms.
            The "positive key" symbol, also called the "Key of Life", that has been revealed as a result of studying numerous psychograms, is of special significance. The "positive key", as a graphic symbol, was investigated employing the technique of torsion phase portraits (TPP) on torsiometer TSM-021 in Tomsk, Russia, by the author of the TPP technique V.T. Shkatov. The results of investigation showed that the TPP of the "positive key" symbol corresponds to the life cycle and to the TPP of a healthy person. As to its significance this symbol can be compared with the symbol of the Universe – the monad, known to the humanity from the ancient times and being the symbol of harmony of life. The Key of Life depicted in the psychogram indicates the process of the patient’s recovery.
            In the process of work in the cause of metamorphoses, the level of energy-informational interactions of man or any living being, or object, is transferred into more subtle vibrations by way of releasing them from the negative energy-informational influences. As a result, the physical body of the patient undergoes reorganization and purification through the work of the psychographer’s consciousness. The correction of the cause of metamorphoses carried out opportunely prevents even unrevealed diseases at the level of information and harmonizes the process of metamorphoses.       
            Phase portraits imply the formation of the perfect image and the realization of a work of perfection.  The negative records that caused the distortions of metamorphoses get erased from the energy-informational memory of a living system in the process of phase portrait drawing. The negative energy is influenced by the psychographer’s transforming the line, its graphic content, by creating a positive image of metamorphoses in the psychogram or the phase portrait.          
            The science of alternative psychology was created in the period from 1990 to 1998 and was registered by the Russian Author's Society, on 3 March 2003, Certificate № 6274, and within just a few years of existence it has obtained a wide acknowledgement and has been introduced in many fields of science:
            - psychology;
            - medicine;
            - biology;
            - pedagogy;
            - philosophy;
            - linguistics;
            - physiology;
            - ecology;
            - etymology;
            - ethnography;
            - art, etc.
            Professor Yashar S. Ibadov, Doctor of Medicine and Biology, is the founder of the scientific school "Alternative Psychology". Every year, from April, 22 to May, 1st, the school holds International Training Sessions in the city of Baku. Moreover, future professional psychographers receive training in major cities of Russia, Ukraine, and in other CIS republics, as well as in foreign countries.
            Based on the results of patients’ sanitation, a "Method of Y. Ibadov of Energy-Informational Diagnostics and Treatment" was developed, which received the Eurasian Patent № 006449 on 29 December 2005. The methods of alternative psychology have been introduced in the work of laboratory “Psychohygiene and Medical-Psychological Diagnostics” of the Institute of the Problems of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, and a specialized school called "The Artist-Healer" was opened in the capital of Azerbaijan.
            A decoration "The Order of Runes" was conferred upon professor Y. Ibadov by the scientific School of Causality of professor V.P. Goch for the elaboration of a methodology and practices of research of living systems’ phase portraits.
 For the results of a practical application of the invention "Method of Y. Ibadov of Energy-Informational Diagnostics and Treatment" the Commission of the World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology "Eureka", Brussels decorated the author with an order and diploma "Chevalier" on 17 November, 2004; and on 17 November, 2005 he was awarded the order and diploma "Honorary Commander", and the gold medal with mention.

Practical results

            The elaborated methods were approved in the clinic of the sanatorium- prophylactic institution "Maarif" and the medical-psychological center "Yashadan Eller", Baku, in the laboratory “Psychohygiene and Medical-Psychological Diagnostics” of the Institute of the Problems of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, and on the basis of the Crimean State Medical University of S.I. Georgievskiy.
            In the course of the methods’ approbation 197 patients at the age from 5 to 70 years were examined, among them 90 men and 107 women.
            Depending on the severity of disease, the patients had to undergo a course of treatment consisting of 1 to 10 sessions. In particularly serious cases when two or more courses of treatment were considered necessary, they were realized at intervals of 2 or 3 months. The duration of a session, depending on the state of the patient, averaged 15-30 minutes.
            The majority of the patients (79%, or 155 persons) responded positively to the treatment after only one course of sessions, which required approximately 2-5 sessions per person. This indicated the effectiveness of the method and the fast achievement of a positive effect. Most of the patients felt subjectively an increase in the general tone, as well as an abatement of pains already after the first sessions of diagnostics and treatment. Towards the end of the treatment course 97 % (191 persons) noted an amelioration of general well-being, the disappearance of pain and fear of disease.
            Due to the positive results of their application, the developed methods of diagnostics and treatment can be recommended for a widespread adoption in the medical practice.
            The "Medico-Pedagogical-Psychological Tests" help reveal children’s and adolescents’ creative abilities, provide psychological rehabilitation, correct their creative potential, on the basis of which a specialized school called "The Artist-Healer" was opened in the capital of Azerbaijan, where future professional artist-healers receive training. The method of alternative psychology allows to obtain information about the prominent historic personalities, which opens a new level of research in the history of culture, folklore, ethnography, etc. Thus, for example, the phase portraits of Dede Gorgut, Odin, Nasreddin Tussi and other historic personalities were obtained.

Theoretical results

            1) Alternative psychology offers new opportunities for the study of behavior and metamorphoses of living systems in time and space;
            2) the method of work in the cause of metamorphoses provides a new approach to the study of the nature of space and time, the influence of their properties on the state of man;
            3) by showing phase changes, the method determines the phase portrait of the system’s interactions and its behavior in time;    
            4) the application of the method helps remove the negative influence of geo-pathogenic zones and the causal defects of space upon man and the environment;
            5) the methods of alternative psychology allow to diagnose, analyze and correct a process by way of depicting psychograms and phase portraits;
            6) the methods of alternative psychology help reveal health disturbances in the early stages and carry out a fast psychocorrection,  as well as contribute to the successful treatment of diseases using traditional techniques;
            7) the phase portrait is a unique and perfect means for the development and formation of a harmonious and ecologically healthy person.
            All the above-said proves that the method of psychography offers us new opportunities for the research on yet unrevealed and undiscovered properties of matter, on the aspects of the interaction of man with the environment and the Universe, as well as for the practical application to the sanitation of the physical and fine bodies of man.

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